A change of mind

Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'

Pennisetum thunbergii '(not so)Red Buttons' arching over phlomis russelliana

…and a change of language.

I have decided to keep this blog in english from now on. I’ve been thinking a lot in these last days and I realize I am too lazy to write in both languages. This will be good for my english and easier to read for those who are following my blog out there in the World.

I am italian, so I take advantage of this only post to apologize for any further mistake or misspelling, please be patient and let me know if there is anything really awful or puzzling.

The picture was there just to attract… butterflies!


2 thoughts on “A change of mind

  1. Oh this change to English will help me a lot because I can only sometimes find the “translate” button… I just LOVE the internet– I can follow your amazing garden and house progress from the comfort of my writing room zillions of miles away. Get out there and dig Alberto, and take pictures!

    • The translate button sucks, it can turn some poetic words into some puzzling insult very easily…
      I will dig. And weed. And water plants. And take pictures too. I promise.

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