The Tiger, the Dogs and the Rose Garden

The Chronicles of Cà Rossa…

I’ve noticed the dogs hanging around the garden suspicious lately. I’ve heard Rudy (the black and white one) talking about outlining the new Rose Garden, he’s worried about some 30 roses I’ve potted and stored under the willows, they start being thirsty in these days…

Mina (the other one, Rudy’s mother for instance) and Rudy have been arguing for long time, she was tracing big circles over the air with her paws, Rudy nodded at the end. Tigre (the cat) has been spying on them al the time, as you can see from the scoop picture above, she’s the dark knot hidden by the Gaura on the left.

Finally they decided to start up the paths for the future rose garden but Rudy needed some fresh water before, apparently all that chattering dried his mouth…

Taking advantage of Mina’s distraction Tigre rushed over Rudy. I couldn’t hear what she said to him but when he went back to his mom, Rudy didn’t want to help her anymore.

Mina was desperate but she’s the strongest dog I’ve ever met and she begun the rose garden job on her own.

When the sunset came she was still working hard, moving around terracotta blocks to trace the rose beds. When I arrived I found out the Rose Garden has started. I was very happy, finally I can transplant all those old roses I am actually keeping in pots and maybe we can go on with this big dry weedy garden.



4 thoughts on “The Tiger, the Dogs and the Rose Garden

  1. What a helpful dog! Could you breed a long line of hard landscaper dogs, willing to do the tough work while us gardeners get to play with green things? I think they’d be very popular!

    • They’re mother and son, I’m actually looking for a fiancèe for Rudy, so I can continue the bloodline, but she must be interessed in gardening…

  2. Yes you should breed for gardening tendencies, excellent! Please tell Mina that I very much admire her work and that she is one lucky dog to have that gorgeous reflecting pool as a water dish. Max sends his best regards and wishes he could help dig the holes for the roses.

    • Please tell Max we already have the moles team for digging. I will tell about that reflecting pool because it costed me so much sweat!!!

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