The sun always shines on Cà Rossa

Cirsium vulgaris

Cirsium vulgaris, a weed actually.

…but I’m not drought tolerant!

It hasn’t been raining for ages here. Recent plantings are really suffering, some of the potted roses are giving up before I could transplant them in the rose garden. We have some black cloud passing over, sometimes but no way to see some water.

I tried everything I could: rain dance, I hung the washing outside and I left it there for a couple of days, I also watered plants manually: nothing. I even played my ace in the hole: I went on foot downtown in flip flops to buy ice cream; normally people start building a ship and collect couples of animals when they see me walking around with ice cream and flip flops… Well folks: nothing happened. I’m draining the well this way.

stranded boat on canal Malgher

stranded boat on canal Malgher

I made this happen a couple of months ago, when I went out for an ice cream. Please mind what you eat, fatty food could be very dangerous! A couple of months ago in one night it fell the rain we normally have in 6 months, the flood lift the boat up and then left it there when drained. We had some houses flooded down the street too.

Hopefully something is in bloom in spite of drought…


4 thoughts on “The sun always shines on Cà Rossa

  1. I am sorry about your lack of rain… Do another dance maybe? I hope it rains soon. Your flowers are beautiful despite drought.

  2. So get out the Bacardi and Coke already! Honestly I just wish I could MAIL you some rain Alberto. (I would certainly trade it for Italian ice-cream.) We have had dark skies and wind all afternoon, surely rain coming tonight. The weather is so damn broken, someone should call a repairwoman. I loved your flip-flops and ice-cream magic though, and I hope it works soon. Shall I send Tillie over? (It won’t help but it would be a nice break for me.)

    • Please, ask Tillie if she wants lime on Bacardi and Coke, I’ll wait her for a toast…
      Last night it rained a lot over Venice but clouds took a strange tour so that Cà Rossa this morning is barely moist. I’m pissed off! (Bacardi doesn’t matter this time)

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