Star(r)ing in the gloom

Last night I came home rather late. It was 8,30 p.m. and I was pretty tired from work. I couldn’t resist taking a tour in the garden before dinner though.

Now that’s dangerous because you start innocently looking at the plants, then you see some new buds. And some new bugs. And the same old weeds. Then you crouch and tear that big weed you really can’t stand it’s that big. Then you kneel and start weeding.

Weed. Tear. Put away. Ground. Weed. Tear. Put away. Ground. Weed. Tear. Put away. Ground…

The sky became darker, darker than usually because it was padded in black clouds too. ‘Maybe it’s gonna rain’ I thought. I didn’t realize I haven’t taken that garden tour till I start cooking dinner. It started pealing outside, so the dogs and I decided to go out and watch the storm coming.

I was there: staring in the gloom, waiting for the sky to blink. Sitting on a modular chair, Rudy sitting on me. Mina went in because she’s scared of thunders.

I love the poplar and the birches swishing in the wind.

I could sound a little mad but sometimes I just sit in the dark and imagine how could the garden be ‘if’…

Doing it on a storm helps me with flashing of reality to build a very clear image of what I’d like it to be and what I should move or plant brand new.

Then I finished my beer and went to bed. The dogs came and curled on the bed, next to me.

It did not rain.


3 thoughts on “Star(r)ing in the gloom

  1. What great storm images. I do love weather as entertainment. Too bad you didn’t get any rain. And I agree that the birches and poplars make the best song in the wind.

    Of course you ARE a little mad, but that is what I like about you!

  2. Ah well, madness is difficult to quantify.
    I surely am having a relaxing day here without Tillie. Maybe you could put her to work on the rose garden project. Watch your wine rack…I hope she continues to glow, it makes her look better. (Anything would make her look better.)

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