A wake-up call!

This morning at 6.00 am a strong rush of wind slammed the balcony of my should-be-sitting-but-actually-bed-room and meanwhile a couple of strong thunders vibrated in the air. I woke up suddenly and sat on the bed scared. Everything that could flap flapped, everything that could beat beaten everything that could bang banged… Finally it was raining. Thank God or whoever you are.

(I rushed and picked up the hanging washing outside…)

The early bother became excitement, I couldn’t go back to sleep. But I think it’s not legal to get up before 8.00 am around here. Unless you have an early flight to wherever people goes when they’re on holiday. So I went back to sleep.

Just to let the dear linniew know (it seems you are actually the only reader I have but I cherish quality readers, …are you?) the stable has been emptied and the guys will work on it this week, or so they said…


Looking better at the picture it is an only 2-cows stable, as you can see by the green watering bowl, I should have guessed by the number of the windows though. The cows use to have one window each, I think not to get bored while getting milked. I want that wall to become my greenhouse. I will put tables or something below the windows. The rest of the room will be needed to store 4 pallets of wooden chips (pellets) for the winter heating.

Anyway, there isn’t any better word I can use in the place of ‘stable’? I don’t like the way it sounds…


7 thoughts on “A wake-up call!

  1. Good job creating the rain with ice cream — a slightly delayed response I think and very dramatic. (You have such exciting weather!) The “stable” is wonderful! Hard to imagine cows sipping from those cute bowls, but I can understand them watching out the window for entertainment. A new name for this space is definitely in order…I will see if I can come up with a suggestion. You’ll have lots of room to start plants along that window wall– I really only use one side of my greenhouse too. We burn wood for heat in winter and store it in the basement then have to haul it back upstairs, very silly.

    • Wow I finally have the stable floor done. Looks better now. Do you think that calling it “the lab” could be appropriate? I have the name in common with Einstein and I could pop out with some theory of compost…
      BTW I set those “cute bowls” aside if you want so you could have margarita with Tillie maybe.

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