Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – November 2011

Time flies, really. It seems yesterday I was weeding under a scorching sun and now it’s winter already.

Yes, because finally we started experiencing some little frost and a taste of winter. The autumn has been very weird though, in fact some bulbs (I don’t even remember what they are) are sprouting already and that worries me a little because I don’t know what to do with them. Maybe I shouldn’t have planted them so early but I thought I was late at the time! I guess these are muscari americanum of some kind. On top of that I have all the allium spaerocephalon out of ground.

Some bulbs sprouting in november

Some bulbs sprouting in november

Anyway, let’s get back to some more appropriate pics. Here’s a couple of shots of a rose I’ve often published already but I can’t help it, this is really a great rose. It’s her first year here in Cà Rossa, so I haven’t seen any flowers or hips yet anyway the plant itself is really worthy, sane, exuberant and mutable. It’s the rosa spinosissima hybrid ‘Single Cherry’. Its autumn  livery is a show and the plant is supposed to stay neat and rather small.

Rosa 'Single Cherry' beatiful autumn colours

Rosa 'Single Cherry' beatiful autumn colours

I’m very happy about the entire part of the garden where I planted this rose, mostly interesting during autumn though.

Foreground there's eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate' (or at least what's left of it), rosa 'Single Cherry' mixing with a ghost brumble (rubus thibetanus, only a few leaves are visible here) and in the background is pennisetum incomptum purple form, with its long long long blooming period.

Foreground there's eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate' (or at least what's left of it), rosa 'Single Cherry' mixing with a ghost brumble (rubus thibetanus, only a few leaves are visible here) and in the background is pennisetum incomptum purple form, with its long long long blooming period.

I only have a few pictures this time, so I leave you quickly with a crab apple ‘Red Sentinel’ little red fruit amongst some aster seed heads. I wish the camera didn’t run out of battery so quickly…

Malus 'Red Sentinel'

Malus 'Red Sentinel'

Please visit Christina and her Garden of the Hesperides for more interesting foliage pictures!


15 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – November 2011

  1. Hi Alberto,

    Wow, I totally forgot about this meme! Whoops, not that there is much in the way of foliage at the moment…

    You are not alone with the bulbs coming up – My muscari was coming up over a month ago and apparently it’s quite normal for this to happen, so don’t worry 🙂
    I’ve also got Crocus coming up which is clearly far too soon… Now, them I am worrying about.

    Your rose’s foliage does look very nice and I think I will have to investigate into it further to see if it’s suitable for my garden 🙂

    • I know you have crocus noses! 🙂
      Now I really hope my bulbs are muscari so I can keep calm. I was bothering they might be bellevalia romana, a muscari cousin but really I’ve planted so many bulbs in so little time I can’t remember what they are. Whatever will be, will be.
      Liz, that rose is really great, I’ve been looking for it for years and finally I found it available last winter, bare roots. The flower is single, small, deep crimson and it sets big black hips. I’ve been told it’s a magnet for bees, as I know you are sensitive to that. Rosa spinosissima is also called the Scottish rose, so I think it wouldn’t have any problems in your garden.
      Follow this link for further information:

      • Hi Alberto,
        Thanks for the link; when I tried looking for the rose there were very few websites, however I’ll now try searching via Scottish rose and see what comes up instead.
        I want to remove a large shrub rose in my front garden that I believe has self-seeded itself. It does have pretty single white blooms but they only last for one day and have no scent. I had planned to put ‘Susan Williams-Ellis’ in its place but I’d actually rather like susan near to where I walk so I get to smell her perfume and this Scottish Rose may be a better alternative.

        I think I spotted some Alliums coming up yesterday too, they’re the small type so not the large purple pom poms such as ‘purple sensation’. I’m also very pleased to see buds on my Hellebores, but I do also have more blooms on the native primroses – I am sure they will soon be stopped once cold weather arrives.

  2. Fantastic foliage colour for your R. Single Cherry – worth buying for that alone, another one to look out for. Don’t worry about your Muscari, they are very hardy and I don’t think they will come to any harm, maybe a little mulch would put your mind at rest?

  3. Pauline, I was just reading your new post, it’s terrific, how come you set comments off? I protest! I was thinking it is one of the best foliage post you ever published!
    I don’t know where you are exactly but I’d really like to visit your garden. It must be beautiful. There are so many things I’d like to do in UK that I should really plan a 2 month holiday!

    I should mulch the bulbs then, shame they are in the gravel garden and I planned to lay the gravel in wintertime, as they said it’s going to be rather dry and cold this year (well in fact I didn’t experience the fall monsoon this year…). Please have a look at Liz’s comment above for more infos about the rose.

  4. Thanks for joing in GBFD again Alberto. Don’t worry about the bulbs mine have done that every year, the muscari especially have all their foliage now and then flowers in spring, I don’t think it will be a problem even for you in the north. Pennisetum incomptum purple form is very special, I’ve been so impressed this year with how they just continue to have new flowers – for months! The red foliage of the rose is rather lovely too. Christina

    • Thanks Christine. The only defect on pennisetum incomptum is that it’s pretty weedy. It sets new shoots from the roots, extending the clump, more and more. It’s a little bamboo. I like it a lot anyway.

  5. Wow…I know what you mean…where did this year go! I’ve been working on a few posts that required some pics from earlier in the year…and I find myself just kind of staring at pics from August and September in wonder…how much things do change in the space of a few months! Love the pennisetum incomptum…too bad it’s a bit weedy for you…but the form is stunning, at least!

    • Yeah I like it and I can forgive it its light bambooness 🙂 I’ll dig up the exceeding plants and move them around or give them away to friends.

      Writing my previous post I ended up with pictures of when we choose Cà Rossa for the first time, then after a few months we started the renovation, the garden was soooo pitiful and young… It seems impossible.

  6. I have things sprouting here too Alberto. I expect they will slow down as the temperatures drop. Love that little crab apple. What’s the puppy report?

  7. Me too, I wish I could eat those little red apples, because they’re so inviting but they taste horribly bitter. Better leave them to the birds or whoever is really starving.

    Puppy report is that Mina is a balloon but she continues running after the rubber ball. She eats like pigs. I expect to find little doggies on the sofa or somewhere, everyday when I’m back from work. Don’t worry I’ll post some pictures immediately!

  8. Alberto. I always feel wary when I see the Daffs, Muscari, and crocus start to show at this time of year, expecting the hard frost will destroy them, never does though.

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