Mamma Mina!

Mamma Mina, here I go again

My my, how can I resist you?

...and how can I resist your puppies?

...and how can I resist your puppies?

Finally the day came. Poor Mina she had a very long labor: contractions started saturday night and she delivered yesterday at around 2 p.m.. They are four beautiful puppies: 2 are completely black except for little brown boots and a white stain in the chest, a male and a female; after a while the second couple came: another male, totally white with a small brown spot near the eye and then another female with a brown mask on one side and a brown ear on the other side.

The four

The four

Rudy had been waiting patiently in the waiting room (he said they serve good food there) but I’m pretty sure the puppies are not his. They couldn’t be black if they were Rudy’s. He doesn’t know yet, pure soul.

It’s kind of bizarre because yesterday it was Rudy’s birthday. Now Mina is very jealous of her doggies and she doesn’t want Rudy around. Apparently only I am allowed to touch the dogs. Rudy is a little disappointed of this situation so I have to cuddle him more than usual and for sure more than the puppies.

Mina was exhausted after the delivery but she’s being very careful, protective and sweet to her children.

They spend the night eating and crying and they fell asleep only this morning when I got up for work. They look rather strange actually: big headed, very skinny bodies with round and hard bellies. I didn’t want to bother Mina with a paparazzi flash so I didn’t take many pictures, I’ll keep you posted in the next days though.


18 thoughts on “Mamma Mina!

    • I am worried and happy at the same time, I have to keep them for at least 2 months from now, meanwhile I have to find them a new family. During all this period I must resist keeping one of them. I’m badly tempted even though I’m sure I would be sorry in the future…

  1. Well done Alberto – all that anxious waiting! You do have a full dog-team now. They will do perfectly for my sled (once you have trained them for me)

    • Well done Mina! I’ve only watched, I swear! 🙂 Well, no, actually I spend the whole night on the sofa, massaging Mina’s belly because I saw she was suffering a lot but that’s all I have done.

      I’ve already prepared 4 tiny sleds to harness the dogs with and start the training by tomorrow morning. In 2 months they’re in Scotland, trained and ready for you. Lucky me I’ve dispatched all the puppies in one time! Fingers crossed you’re still having some snow in a couple of months. You can set them in a square, like chess, or in a row, like piano keys: one black, one white… And have fun with your dog sled!

    • Ciao Loretta, grazie mille! 🙂
      Hai pienamente ragione, sarà difficile non perdere la testa per questi cagnolini… l’ho già persa in realtà… giro con l’iPhone in mano mostrando le foto dei nuovi nati a chiunque incontro, quasi fossero figli miei!

  2. Well done Mina! Such a brave mommy. The puppies are all beautiful– But Alberto, it seems Rudy could be the father. Now I have already admitted to barely passing the genetics part of science for non-majors, but it seems like Rudy and Mina both have all the puppys’ colors… In any case I know Rudy will be a helpful parent when the babies are up and about, biting his ears and crawling on him. And don’t do anything rash, like signing them up for sled-dog duty– Do you have Craigslist in your local online world?

    • I don’t even know what a Craigslist is to be honest… Anyway I’ll post their pictures wherever to get a chance of finding them a family. My sister’s boyfriend’s brother (actually it’s his girlfriend…) has an animal shop and they told me they can help me giving away the puppies.

      Actually genetics is a little bit more complicated than just colours. Jack Russels have a dominant gene that keeps more than 50% of the mantle white. This gene didn’t manifest on 2 puppies and this is enough to make Rudy the uncle and not the father.

      Wendy (Mina’s daughter) had a puppy with a non-jack-russel-dog and she came out like Mina’s black ones, with Mina’s face though, she’s a beauty. Writing this made me realize that the ‘tan’ gene (brown boots, lips and eyebrows on black background) is a recessive gene, so both parents must have it to see it on children. Funny thing is my neighbor’s dog hasn’t got any tan, Rudy has it. I must inquire….

    • I always say to myself I must take loads of pictures when puppies are around at home but then you just stand and stare to their beauty and funny movements and you forget the camera…

  3. Now Alberto you must find excellent homes for these puppies. It’s okay to give them away but sometimes people don’t realize the scope of their responsibility. So please make sure you know that the new people will take good care. Maybe create an application form and a background check. Kininvie can help– he is practically a private investigator, although there is a conflict of interest with him in that he’s looking for sled dogs so he can leave his house when the snow gets deep.

    Craigslist is a site online where you can advertise for free. (I think they charge maybe just for real estate ads..) It has almost replaced newspaper classified ads where I live. If Italy doesn’t have it you should start one: Alberto’s List. Very successful.

    • Linnie, I would never give them to anyone I can really trust. I’d rather keep them all, believe me.

      Oh my… Alberto’s list sounds so Schindler’s list… We have plenty of free ads website and I’m going to use them, I’d rather prefer to meet personally the people though.

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