A sad day

I have been very sad the whole day yesterday and the night before. Tuesday evening when I got home from work I found one of the little black doggies dead. At a first glance I thought she was asleep, because she looked so peaceful and quiet, then I touched her and she was cold… I think this is what someone would call an uncanny death (or better #Uncannydeath). This wasn’t murder though because the little one was serene and there was no signs of struggle nor bruises on her. I bet she should have had some kind of digestive system problems, sometimes it happens with puppies.

Today we had the first frost

Today we had the first frost

Then I suddenly remembered that Mina left her apart more than once while the others were eating, at the time I just thought it was because she was the biggest and the most nervous of the litter but only yesterday I realized that she wasn’t bigger she only had a bigger belly and she was probably nervous because she was in pain. I feel so sorry and a little guilty, maybe I should have paid more attention but Mina was so secure and careful with her babies that I didn’t bother to check on her. She probably knew about the puppy’s problem and she left her apart. Nature can be very cruel sometimes.

The only flower I have left, utterly out of season.

The only flower I have left, utterly out of season.

I named the little dog Susanna, then I buried her with the assistance of Rudy, we choose a nice place between rosa Sarah Van Fleet, one of my fave, and some narcissus bulbs. Poor dog.

The other three and Mina are more than fine, they even look grown in only a couple of days, surely they now have a mini dog shape, better than when they’ve born.

I didn’t mean to be too sad with this post and I’m sorry if I was instead but I felt like you should be informed of this loss, so now we can go on with better news for next time, I promise.


14 thoughts on “A sad day

  1. I am so sorry for your sad days! You and Rudy did just the right thing, taking the puppy to the garden. Now be comforted by Mina and her sweet family. They all look wonderful in the photograph– soon you will have those puppies bouncing around everywhere. You are a man of heart Alberto. Mina and her puppies are lucky to have you. –Hugs from me and Max.

    • I brought Mina home in a very particular time of my life, I lived on my own on a flat above my old restaurant in the mountains, I don’t tell you the frightening noises I used to hear at night, alone, in the middle of nowhere. Mina was my company and my defense. We bond together very strongly. A couple of years later came Rudy with his sweet&wild temper. Believe me, I’m lucky to have them.

  2. Oh Alberto don’t apologize…it is good to express your sadness and let us know…it is the way of nature and you cannot blame yourself…how wonderful your first frost and the lovely pictures coming at this sad time…those puppies and Mina have a wonderful friend in you to look after them…

    • Thanks for your words, Donna. I’ve been waiting for a few frost, especially after cold foggy nights you find stunning icy crystals in the garden.

  3. So very sad, Alberta…sorry to hear the sad news 😦 As you said, however, nature can seem very cruel to us…but we can hardly change it. It’s very sweet that you gave the puppy a little spot in your garden…and good to know the other puppies (and Mina) are doing well 🙂

    • We can change nature, and we did many times with more than cruel results! In this case, however, we can’t change anything and at the end of the day it’s better the way it is. That little dog surely had problems, she would have suffered even more.

      Ah Scott, I’m still a boy by the way… 🙂

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