Planting roses

Last week I finally received a big pack full of roses from Serbia. It was Petrovic’s. I didn’t have the time to open this big carton before yesterday morning, so I kept it in the stable for a while. Last year I received smaller plants from Petrovic, maybe it was my fault because I’ve placed my order a little late in the season but this year roses are gorgeous, especially considering I paid a little price for them. There were about 40 in the pack, ready to be planted.

We prepared the soil for the main rose garden a few months ago and I prepared a little map to allocate every plant at the right place so everything was ready, we just had to dig.

Even if it hasn’t been raining for weeks, the ground was kind of soaked so it has been a little harder than we expected. Yesterday afternoon I had to go to work too, so I left Ale alone and he managed to plant a half of the roses: enough.

Rosa Gallica Splendens

Rosa Gallica Splendens

Meanwhile, the roses we planted earlier this year revealed some beautiful and (I think) uncommon fall colours: rosa gallica Splendens has very nice, simple, scented flowers and sets pumpkin shaped hips; at the end of the season foliage colour changes from deep green to this shining orange. I must admit that this last summer has been kind of unordinary for drought and heat and I gave some iron chelate to the roses to cheer them up a little.

Rosa Spinosissima 'Single Cherry'

Rosa Spinosissima 'Single Cherry'

I know I’ve shown this rose a million times but I just love it and I can’t help it. You don’t have a ‘Single Cherry’ in your garden? Go and get one, then… Quickly!

Rosa 'Nozomi'

Rosa 'Nozomi'

Rosa ‘Nozomi’ is a very minute single rose that keeps its foliage for almost all winter. I like this rose because it’s covered with pink little single flowers in spring and later on the season it sets a billion tiny red hips. We have one planted on my uncle’s grave, some 20 years ago, then we took a lot of cuttings from that rose, which is causing a few problems with the neighbor’s graves, invading their spaces… 🙂

Rosa chinensis 'Angel's Wings'

Rosa chinensis 'Angel's Wings'

A few roses are still blooming in my garden: Angel’s Wings, Marie Parvie and Zéphirine Drouhin but I can already imagine when these little bare root roses will grow and flower in the rose garden…

Some of the roses I've just planted. Pics have been taken from

Some of the roses I've just planted. Pics have been taken from

From above left, then clockwise: Clementina Carboneri, Lady Hillingdon and rosa gallica Violacea, rosa bifera, Clementina Carboneri again and Ormiston Roy: flower and hip .

I’ve made this collage using the beautiful pictures you can find  on, one of the best resources on the web about roses. Please pay them a visit and maybe make a donation as the website is entirely kept by volunteers.

Puppies eat and sleep and everyone seems to have found his place and position… We need to find them a name too. Any suggestion?

Puppies say hello!

Puppies say hello!

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16 thoughts on “Planting roses

  1. How exciting to receive the large pack of roses, you’re lucky the weather isn’t too bad to plant them. I’m looking forward to seeing them flower next year almost as much as you. Christina

  2. Hi Alberto,

    Ooooh, look at all those Roses!!! If only I had the space for so many… One day, maybe.

    I hope you manage to get them all planted soon 🙂 I noticed new growth and buds on some of mine already… Such a strange, strange year so far. Although we have had some chilly days recently with temperatures barely managing 5oC. It was sunny today and cold, but I managed to get more photos of the Autumn Cherry blossom – photos to come sometime! 🙂

    • Dear Liz, you are going to have a lot of space for a big big rose garden in your edwardian house one day! 🙂
      Temperatures are very high around here as well, I found a little frost (melting) only 2 mornings. I’m afraid it’s going to drop all of a sudden maybe in january or february, or worse: in march, after a mild winter… That would really cause serious damages.

      Looking forward to seeing your autumn cherry blossom pics!

    • You are in Montreal, aren’t you? Because we live nearly close to the same parallel but I guess your place is much colder than mine, right?
      I feel very exotic when I read other people’s blogs but I think this year has been very peculiar.

  3. Wow that is some package of roses to plant….I actually love planting in the rain as long as it is not raining hard. The frosted roses are gorgeous and the foliage is amazing. I will have to check out the roses you recommended.

    • Thank you Donna. You could take a flight to Venice and come over to plant some of the roses under the rain, I’ll be waiting at the airport, ok? 😀
      I hate planting under the rain, especially in heavy clay, like my garden. Sometimes I feel the only thing that ends up planted it’s me…

  4. OMG…that Rose foliage is spectacular…much better than I’ve ever seen before. I think our climate is a bit too mild…we don’t seem to get that intense fall color. Rosa Spinosissima ‘Single Cherry’ is amazing…I’m definitely looking it up! Oh…and of course the puppies are too cute!

    • Well I still have your yellow and translucent miscanthus malepartus pictured in my mind… My grasses dried without passing through yellow this year. Roses instead have the most intense colours I’ve ever seen, maybe it’s because of the heat we had last summer even though I have the feeling that the iron chelate I gave them matters…

  5. Fantastic rose foliage, such stunning colours. My back hurts just at the thought of planting all those roses, but they will be fantastic next year, will look forward to the photos when in flower. The puppies are gorgeous, will you be like Christopher Lloyd and call them after your favourite plants ? His 2 dogs were Dahlia and Canna !

    • OMG, fortunately my favourite plants are not dahlia nor canna. Canna would be a tricky name to give as in italian canna also means joint… 🙂
      You gave me a great idea though, I need to elaborate it now.
      Ale wants to name the puppies after Christmas time, something like Neve, Fiocco, stuff like that but I’d rather call them Begonia!

  6. I look forward to all the new roses in your photographs next summer. And those puppies all appear so warm and comfortable that it makes me sleepy just to look at them. Looking forward to some good Italian names….

    • Thanks Bridget! You have a black jack russell, haven’t you? I am doing some research about jack russell genetics and crosses and I found out these black jack russell aka irish jack russell, puppies might be Rudy’s if all I’ve found is true… Do you have some first hand information about that?

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