Little Birdie House for Sale

Little Birdie House is a beautifully positioned property in the Cà Rossa Garden area. This property provides spacious accommodation in a most convenient location,close to main fruit trees like San Pietro’s pear, a vintage walnut tree and serviceberries; pine nuts are just a flutter away. Most of the ground floor has pine-beamed ceilings and all of the rooms have good wooden floors. Accommodation as it stands is made up of a reception hall, three sitting rooms, three kitchens, six bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also currently planning permission for a swimming pool. This house represents a perfect opportunity for young couples or families.

Price on Request. Call the agency now and ask for Mrs. Mina.

I finally made the first nesting box of my entire life and I must try every way to see some birds on it, I think a good advert on the internet might work. I’m not that good in DIY but I like the result anyway. I hope it’s not too late to hang it.

In other fronts the first narcissus are finally in full bloom. The total yellow ones seems to be the earliest to bloom:

N. ‘February Gold’ are planted on a vintage iron bucket, they’re so yellow and translucent that is rather difficult to take a good photo. Slightly but nicely scented they definitely welcome the new season beginning.

N. ‘Jetfire’ has a bright orange coloured crown but with my disappointment it is quite similar to the previous one. They’re pretty cheerful though, so I think I’m going to move the bulbs from pots to the woodland area as soon as they fade.

This is their first year so they all look a little wretched and shorter than what they are supposed to grow but I’m rather happy with the bulbs quality, they just need to settle down.

This one is a rather standard yellow daff, I found the bulbs already planted when I bought the house, I guess they might be ‘Golden harvest’ or something like that. Ok maybe they’re nothing special but they’re very strong and reliable.

This one should be n. ‘Geranium’ but I’m not so sure because it’s supposed to be a late flowerer, anyway there is no other similar varieties in my order. The scent is very strong and sweet but petals unfurl in a rather gross way.

A part for a few bunches of violas scattered around the grass garden and for the lonicera fragrantissima (which has been flowering for weeks), I don’t have anything else in bloom at the moment, anyway I get up earlier in the morning to see what’s going on in the garden and every day there’s something new. I feel relieved because I’m almost done with putting all those potted roses in the ground, they started suffering in the pots, which I used as a temporary solution during winter frost.

Tomorrow they are finally coming to install the first floor’s windows, I can’t believe it. Indeed I won’t believe it until I see them mounted. Hopefully I’ll take a day off to deal with workers tomorrow, so I’m going to have more time to spend in the garden…


21 thoughts on “Little Birdie House for Sale

  1. Nice job on the bird house. Even if it does’nt get occupants this year it will be ready for next years families. Love the Daffodils…the harbinger of Spring for me.

    • What? I put my money and sweat on a property that’s supposed to remain vacant for a year? No way. I’m going to buy some stuffed fake birds…

  2. Don’t think you will be waiting very long for the first occupants of your beautiful bird house, Mrs Mina will be able to take down the for sale sign!
    My Geranium Narcissus have jjust started flowering this week , they look the same as yours, thought ours were flowering early due to our mild winter, but then you had it much colder than we did, with lots of snow, maybe the snow kept the bulbs warm!!
    Enjoy your windows!!

    • I had several hoar frosts but no snow at all! It snowed a lot in all the rest of Italy but here! I wouldn’t complain about drought issues if I had had all that snow! 🙂
      So they’re surely ‘Geranium’ daffs. Maybe I should have planted the bulbs deeper?

      I hope Mina will make a good deal out of that property, so we can invest in other buildings… I won’t take disappointment as a result for this job.

      Fingers crossed for the windows!

  3. Excellent advertising text on the real estate. “A flutter away” was brilliant. This will be a hot property, won’t last long, get the paperwork ready. So lovely to see spring moving along in your garden Alberto. We have about an inch of snow and more falling again this morning. Thinking of calling the weather repair service. Your violets look so pretty. We have them blooming too, but under the snow now…You have me thinking about birdhouses.

    • You know in UK they probably have classes on how to make nesting boxes, they probably build their first one at primary age. For me the bell ringed some weeks ago, when I saw on a blog (sorry I don’t remember which one) a secret camera hidden on a nesting box with a family of blue tits… I was so moved at this Big Birdie Brother thing that I immediately sketched the blueprints for my first birdhouse. I would be happy with some sparrows too. Hope somebody is giving a call, I really couldn’t stand the house to stay vacant for the summer… and then I have loads of spare timber and nails, and stuff, I don’t know what to make out of it otherwise!

      You really are still under snow? So you are stuck home with all that mushroom thing getting alive and watching you? I hope to hear you soon again…

  4. Very ‘des res’! Don’t be dissapointed if they don’t use it this year, it sometimes takes a while to feel right for them. Your daffodils are lovely, must be due to the colder winter with you, mine are very poor. Christina

    • Lovely? really? I don’t think they’re at their best, this is probably due to their first growing year, they need time to settle… Well ok, I laughed when I read on your blog your bulbs found their way out of ground and escaped, maybe singing like Adele ‘Rolling in the Slope’?
      But you have many other features in your garden that make me forget about daffs, really, I only have that at the moment… 😉

  5. Good looking bird house! I hope some young couple answers the ad! Your daffodils are very pretty. I like the last one best, but then you mentioned the petals have a problem unfurling. Guess that’s why we should never pick out a plant just on a picture!

    • Thanks Holley! You are right, you can’t pick a plant just on a picture but at the end of the day we don’t have many more chances, have we? I’ve considered also scented flowers and ‘Geranium’ is definitely scented, The problem about petals could depend on their first year, I suppose. They’re a good variety though.

  6. OK, so if you’re not a professional gardener, maybe you’re an estate agent ?
    I saw your comment about the UK – you are absolutely right, they taught us to make nesting boxes in primary school to give us a break from double calculus.

    • I’m not that good even in building nesting boxes, I think double calculus could have been hell for me…
      And to be completely honest… I copy/pasted some parts of the ad from a real one, so I am no pro even as an estate agent…

    • I have plenty of materials and some food for them but I guess estate market is an serious issue nowadays and then I have the abandoned house just next to me which is a real competitor…

  7. Things are moving fast aren’t they, Alberto? Had to deadhead a daff today – my first. Sigh – it’s all so fleeting! Good luck with the nestbox, as long as it’s water-tight you should be fine. D

    • I’m not sure it’s waterproof but I did my best, I hope they appreciate that!
      Things are moving veeery fast actually, yesterday and today it felt like summer!

  8. Hi Alberto, just discovered your blog. Love the advert for the birdie house, but can they get a good wifi signal in there ? They are very particular you know. I’ve heard the youngsters can surf the net before they can fly these days.

    • Hi Crystal and welcome! Actually we have no DSL cables here because we are in the middle of nowhere, quite sad somehow as I work for Apple! Anyway every room in the Birdie House has been equipped with an iPad and 3G connection. I hope they could touch the screen with their wings!

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