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Suddenly winter is over and it feels as if we stepped into summer utterly missing spring. Temperatures had risen to 25°C lately and sunday I spent the day weeding. Yes because the frost killed (or almost killed) some of the new roses, especially the china but it didn’t harm any weeds. Drought delayed the spring bulbs but didn’t affect any weeds. I kind of like weeding though, it brings me to a very close, almost intimate level to the garden: I touch the soil, I check the new growth on plants from a very close view, I keep interesting seedlings from the perennials or discard the real weeds. And then, hey, it was so nice and warm that I got a remarkable suntan, I can always tell people I spent the weekend by the sea… (yeah, a sea of weeds!)

This morning I had a nice surprise: drinking my cup of tea I had a glance out of the kitchen window and I saw the cherry tree tilting its head to show me it was in full bloom.

Just one of the two but this is normal. As you can see this tree grows taller that the other one, I think it’s a kind of wild cherry, it produces millions of tiny blood red cherries, which have a big bone and taste a little bitter, I don’t eat them raw, I cook them with sugar and pour over gelato. The other tree will start to flower when the first is coming to an end but it produces good cherries though.

The part of the garden you see pictured above is kind of bare, I got rid of all the weeds that were conquering the gravel garden and kept the seedlings (especially echinacea and eryngium planum), now the ground is ready and this coming weekend we are going to finally lie the gravel. Next to it we are preparing the veggie garden, the soil has been dug, now I think we are going to use those plaster sticks to outline the beds and see what happens.

Cherry flowers have this soft, greenish smell which is very light but feeling it seems so intense to me.

By the cherry trees there are two large groups of narcissus Geranium, I wasn’t completely happy with them at the beginning but now I changed my mind: they’re strongly scented, rich of flowers and tall enough to see them from a distance:

Narcissus Geranium

Narcissus Geranium

Nearby I noticed the helleborus orientalis’ seedlings (that I collected from my previous garden) have finally managed to settle some good roots and produce new, mature foliage. Maybe I’m going to see some flowers next year… I wonder how ended their beautiful mum, in the other garden…

What you see around the seedlings is not grasses but weeds disguised like garden grasses to compel me and leave them alone… (as you can see from the picture they even start crying when I told they should go away, do you think I’m gonna have mercy?)

Other narcissus are in bloom, I was very curious to see all these bulbs I’ve planted to finally bloom: some of them are a revelation, others are a bit of a disappointment but at the end I’m going to order more and more this and in the next years, I’d like to kind of collect them.

Narcissus Mount Hood

Narcissus Mount Hood

Narcissus Mount Hood always makes me think of Linniew, as she told me it has been named after a mountain close to her house. When I ordered this variety the caption said ‘…ivory white flowers…’ and I quickly clicked on the ‘buy’ button, all this to discover a few months later that the flowers open with a insipidus yolk yellow crown, to turn a beautiful translucent ivory white in a couple of days. I prefer the older flowers:

Narcissus Mount Hood

Narcissus Mount Hood

Narcissus Sailboat

Narcissus Sailboat

Sailboat is a rather short variety and has beautiful narrow glossy dark green leaves. The crown colour changes from pale yellow to a yellowish white after a while. Very free flowering and slightly scented.

Narcissus Gold Flake

Narcissus Gold Flake

I thought narcissus Gold Flake would have had a more intensely coloured crown, as you can see the rim is pretty orange shading quickly to yellow at the base. I have two clumps of this narcissus, one of which is less exposed to the sun and the crowns kept their colour for longer. I like the tiny white spike at the tip of each petal.

Narcissus Gold Flake

Narcissus Gold Flake

Narcissus Minnow

Narcissus Minnow

I had another surprise with narcissus Minnow. Ok I’ve been told it’s small flowered and short but damn this are Barbiedoll’s daffs! They look so beautiful though, so ethereal you can’t even distinguish where the morning light ends and the flower begins. And if you happen to stumble or kneel in the sharp gravel behind them you even smell a good scent. They look like candies, you feel like eating one…

Narcissus Minnow

Narcissus Minnow

More other narcissus varieties are still making me wait but I’ll keep you posted as I am ready to be amazed by n. Copper Queen, which is supposed to be the best one, let’s wait and see…


21 thoughts on “More Narcissus

  1. Your cherry blossom is beautiful, just noticed today that ours is out too, never known it to flower in March before, must be the heatwave we are having!
    Mount Hood looks rather beautiful, must remember it when ordering next autumn, you have a good collection of narcissus making your garden look very spring like!

    • ‘Spring like’? It’s rather bare with some bulbs scattered around and many weeds. You can sell ice in the North Pole, you know? 🙂
      I think last year the cherry tree started to flower just before Easter, so I guess this year it is at least 10 days early. With this drought spell I guess I’m going to have loads of cherries this year, normally flowers are ruined by wind and rain.

    • OK but these are so tiny that don’t need to fall over to touch the ground with flowers! When I placed my order I wanted loads of daffs at a reasonable price, so I avoided the most expensive varieties but this Copper Queen really got me. Now she’s still playing drama with foliage emerging… Ok she’s the queen, she can make people wait…

  2. Hi Alberto,

    Lovely photos, and gorgeous blooms 🙂 We managed 20C today, so not too far behind you 😉

    I’m loving ‘Minnow’ I bought some of these bulbs too and hope they bloom soon; I was quite late planting them so they may not be too happy!

    • They tend to stay shorter when planted late… Did you have a look if they have flowered underground? 🙂 My Minnow came out late (because of the drought) but then they developed pretty quickly.

      • Hi Alberto,

        I have one minnow out now! 🙂 I need to get close to it though to smell its perfume 😉
        Hopefully the rest will also bloom soon… I’ll definitely get more for next year though because they’re just so cute!!!

  3. Alberto you are right, we have a lot of the same daffodils…my weeds are the most prolific thing growing in my garden no matter the flood, frost or whatever…they never seem to lessen either…I love all your cheery blooms! Minnow is also one of my favs…

  4. Wow your gardens must be fun to wander, with all those early blooms now.
    The Mt. Hood daffodil certainly does have a very nice name. (I grow a hop vine with that name as well.) But how extraordinary for the bloom to go from such a vivid yellow (which you characterized rather negatively I must say) to snow white. But I too prefer the aged version but then many of us get better with age…Your “Barbie doll daffs” remark made me laugh. I bet by now you have uprooted those weeping grass-weeds.

  5. Actually I didn’t weed that part yet, I think they provide a little shadow and freshness to the hellebores’ new leaves… Ok, seeing them cry made me weak.
    I like the changing in colours of some daffs, it makes the clumps seem deeper somehow and prove that they’re not plastic flowers! I wish Mt. Hood had been ivory whie since the beginning though. I’ll buy other white big daffs next year.
    I’m glad I made you laugh, at least there’s somebody out there who understand my bitter humor sometimes… 😉

  6. I’ll have to remember to tell people I got my suntan by the sea! hahaha And I’m so glad to see someone else’s garden has weeds like mine! Well, actually, I’m sorry your garden has weeds like mine, but I guess it happens to the best of us gardeners! That Mt. Hood daffodil is so interesting! I have never known a daffodil to change colors!

    • I always tell my customers I’m often by the sea, because I’m a little ashamed of telling the truth. Soon I’m going to have the typical Y mark on my feet (because of the flipflaps I use during summer gardening…) but hopefully my customer will never know about that!
      Everyone struggle with weeds, at least we admit it! 😉

  7. Ah yes…the first weeding of the year! In my mind, it always seems slightly more romantic that it is when I get down to it. Then again, I usually only weed for a little while before I get distracted by the actual plants! I had no idea there was a Narcissus named after Mt. Hood…but I agree with you…the all-white version is better…that yellow is a bit, umm, bright 😉

    • Ok, maybe bright was the word, rather than insipidus yolk yellow but who cares? As I wrote I kind of like weeding but hey romantic? That’s kind of kinky instead!

  8. Lucky you to have Cherry trees doing well. We planted 2 and they just struggled for a while before dying. They don’t like the heavy wet soil here. The weather for us has been fab so lots of garden work done this week.

    • Good! I hope you finished moving those beautiful stones. Actually I found the two cherry trees in the property when I bought it. Last year I’ve eaten so many cherries I got stomachache at the end! It’s nice to pick your own fruits!

    • Thanks Dave. I’ve been behind for a while till now, we’re kind of playing catch up but the truth is England has milder winters and then you have more sun hours in spring than me.

  9. Hello Alberto, The cherry won’t be out for another few weeks with me, but the heat we’ve had has brought all the daffs out at once. If you like pure white daffs, I commend ‘Ice Follies’ . If you pick it in bud and bring it indoors, it’s a lovely ethereal white. In you honour, I bought a miscanthus yesterday. I’ll tell you all about it once I have planted it. Do you know anything about chionochloa rubra? I saw it at the nursery and really liked it.

    • I do! I love that grass. Try and see for a prev post of mine titled ‘a visit to a nursery’ I bought bothriocloa in that occasion. It has beautiful fall colours and I want more. I’m waiting for it to sprout now. I feel honored you thought of me when you bought the mischantus, see you won’t be disappointed!

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