Another year is fading, “phew!” I’d say. 2012 has been a very tough year for me, it started full of expectations and ended full of disappointment.

This morning there wasn’t the same dreadful sky of last year but a vivid morning light and a thin glittering coat of frost, maybe a better augury for the new 2013.

phlomis tuberosa seed heads, rosa chinensis Angel Wings' hips, oregano 'Herrenhausen' and artemisia Powis Castle at the bottom

I’m going to start this year with serenity and resignation, I won’t ask for anything this time, I need to enjoy what I already have.

phlomis tuberosa seed heads

I wish you a healthy and happy 2013, or at least I hope this new year will be better than the previous!

Now I have a dinner to prepare, a few bottles of wine to put in the fridge and some friends to welcome…


28 thoughts on “31-12-12

    • Thanks Donna! I’ve also read the link you gave me with instructions on how to propagate viburnums and I think I will give it a try this year!

  1. The lighting in your last photo is stunning!! Have a lovely meal tonight with your friends, 2013 can only be better than 2012, wishing you and your garden happy days together in the coming year!

  2. You captured so well the glittery garden morning, most surely an indication of the new and improved year that is coming your way Alberto. Cheers!

    ps: Tillie is already out cold and it isn’t even noon yet here.

  3. It’s always a treat for me when I visit your site — it’s a vacation, of sorts, where I can breathe. I wish you the same sense of serenity in 2013. Peace always.

    • Oh well I think you can deeply breath in Florida as well, can’t you? I should make a house and garden swap page in this blog and see what happens… 🙂

  4. Thanks to everyone who left comments in this post, I didn’t answer everyone individually just to avoid the ‘copy/paste’ thank you! 🙂 have a great 2013 to everyone of you.

  5. Alberto – I know things have been tough for you – but we are past the winter solstice, and the days are growing longer. I hope you are up for the garden swap at some point?

    • Thank you mr K! I’d arrange the swap for the end of summer, so you find my garden at its peak and I can escape from the summer Italian heat to a chilly garden! Beware: I mean it. Seriously.

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