Hello, again.

Do you remember that Shelley Long’s late 80’s comedy “Hello again”? Well, I do: she died in a very stupid way and after a year or so her sister had the opportunity to bring her back to life thanks to a spell under the right moon. God, how can I remember a movie like that? I was only a child!!

notparksyellowchinaI didn’t die lately but let’s just say I went through a lot and let’s pretend that a spell under the right moon brought me back to blogging life. Then whether the spell was black magic or white magic, it is up to you.


Not only you have been neglected, my dear blogging mates and readers, my garden has too! Although by the pictures posted here you can see an exuberant rose garden, please note that pictures have been  shooted in May 2014 (a garden never look bad in May, does it?) and, on top of that, all the images have been conveniently cropped so that only the good remains…


I read in some friends’ blogs that the latter summer must have been very hot and dry in US. Here in Italy, on the contrary, we had an early warm start in spring and then temperatures remained under average and rainfall rather important all summer long.


My roses grew and bloomed like hell and for a very long time, altough rainy days didn’t give me the chance to appreciate my garden the way I wanted, so I often kept a selection of roses floating on a water bowl inside the house. This way I could at least apreciate their precious scent.

rosesUnder a continous rain everything grew and grew: taller, thicker and pricklier… I don’t remember the exact moment when I’ve lost control completely but I guess it happened rather early, like someday in June. By September the only thing I could do was preparing me a drink and pretend that nothing never actually happened.


Then I’ve been plotting of a comeback all winter. Which is not over yet, I know well, but I’ve already made my first move. The plan is conquering my garden back this year. Obviously it (the garden) doesn’t know yet, I’m really counting a lot on the surprise factor. For a start I took a very interesting rose pruning course last week and now I’m looking forward for a hands-on. My roses have never been pruned yet and it’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I’ll keep you posted.

gallicasplendensI am also plotting about getting rid of the gravel garden. It started very well a couple of years ago but then plants started thriving too much and took over the gravel and are now heading to the house… As things stand now, I can’t see farther than 5 metres watching from the kitchen door. But I do have a plan though… Did I tell you that?



26 thoughts on “Hello, again.

  1. Great to have you back Alberto and it was nice looking at your garden in May with the sun and warmth. I have soooo had enough of winter this year; I think I am becoming soft because I didn’t used to feel the cold. Don’t give up on the gravel garden, I liked it!

    • I don’t know how sunny and warm it was back then, actually. But the weather made the roses really happy last year, I’ll have to cope with a lot of growth while pruning. I love watching those pictures over and over though, it makes the waiting a little easier. I am actually going to move the gravel garden farther from the house, in the (once upon a time) vegetable garden. You’ll see.

  2. Good to have you back Alberto. For a neglected garden, even with cropped shots, it all looks amazing. And the dog in the last photo is the spit of my old terrier, Solo. Spooky seeing her in an Italian garden. D

    • LOL! Hands off my sweet Rudy! Maybe he is the reincarnation of your Solo (strange name for a female btw), this would explain a lot about his brit accent!

  3. Well welcome back Alberto….your garden is stunning from last year. I know about losing control of your garden as I did too being on the sidelines last year with surgery. But we have this season coming up. Oh and I do remember the movie, “Hello Again”. Looking forward to hearing all about your plans!

    • Hello Donna! I’m sorry to hear about the surgery thing but since you are here, making plans for the forthcoming season, I guess the worse has gone: hello again then 😉

    • Pauline! I’m so glad you remember me! Yours is one of the first blogs I have suscribed and for some reason I always receive email alerts about your new posts, so I continued following you even when I was off the blogs. Tell your roses they have nothing to be ashamed of!

  4. Hi there Alberto! I am so glad the moon did that thing or whatever happened to bring you back to the blog. What glorious roses and gardens last summer, rain or not. I can only imagine the fragrance. Seems to me sitting down out there with a drink wasn’t such a bad plan. But how do you move a gravel garden? Is there much gravel? In my experience gravel is not something you scoot around like a couch. Still, I have faith in you, the moon, the plan…
    hugs, L

    • Pebble by pebble. Obviously.
      No, actually I’m moving the plants and leave the gravel yard…. Oh God, you should stop taking those pills and take up your blog again indeed!! 😀

      • What? Leaving the gravel? How can that be “moving the gravel garden?” Doesn’t a gravel garden NEED gravel? Oh how can this be so complex… But dear Alberto, I fear you seek an altercation with the pill remark. I do not take pills. (And I will drink to that.) Also perhaps I may blog again sometime. Soon. xo L

  5. Welcome back, Alberto! So glad you’ve been brought back to gardening life. Your garden may have gotten a bit shaggy (though if so it is well hidden) but your roses are as beautiful as ever.

    • Hi Jason! My roses grow like brambles, unfortunately also weeds grow like hell. I’m so glad people still remember me after my long absence, it is nice to have blogging friends.

    • Thank you! I really have the garden neglected for about a year, it’s being unbiased, not hard on myself! That rose you like is named Ombrée Parfaite, a very good gallica rose.

  6. Hi Alberto,

    I remember hello again! Loved that movie as a child 🙂

    Your garden is looking very well; nature can do its own thing. Take it easy on yourself, do what you want, when you want. It’ll be fine (coming from a very, very lazy gardener).

    Looking forward to more updates!

    • Hello Liz! You should have seen the garden later in the season. I didn’t take any picture though. You aren’t a lazy gardener! You are always planning do move plants aren’t you? Well then I don’t know if you actually move them… 🙂

  7. Great news that you’re back in the saddle. Will continue to enjoy your comments, insights and very special garden. Thanks also to the moon. White magic, for sure!

    • Thank you Kevin it’s nice to have actual friends following my blog. As soon as I finish with mine I’ll come over and give a hand with pronto soccorso for your roses too!

  8. Hello, Alberto! I have not forgotten you or your wondrously colored house or your fabulous roses. I do love a garden with enthusiasm, and your roses have that! I am thankful for the spell that brought you back.

    • Hi Deb! I like the word wondrously 🙂 I had some problem viewing blogs on the blogspot platform lately maybe I need to upgrade my browser and come and see your beautiful roses too!

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  10. What a pleasure to glimpse your roses again and read you are plotting the next stages of your garden. I always say mine is “under renovation” but it’s mostly that I’m just hoping it will suddenly figure itself out. Susie

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