Recommended Blogs

Here’s a list of the blogs I follow with a quick description and why I think they worth to be visited constantly. Please spend some of your  time reading them  and watching their beautiful pictures, discovering good ideas or simply funny musings.

Click on the pictures to open the link to each blog

Aberdeen Gardening is rich of informations about garden plants, provided first-hand by a couple of Scottish gardeners. Here you can find loads of tips and pictures about perennials, bulbs and shrubs they grow in this nice garden.

Christina is a British girl living in Italy, not that far from Rome. Her garden is a fusion between the old fashioned english style and the modern ‘Dutch Wave’, with grasses and perennials: all framed by the beautiful italian countryside. I like her blog because it’s full of inspirational pictures of her fine textured borders and beds of perennials.

A wide garden situated at the edge between hills and countryside, between woodlands and pastures, in Scotland. Sometimes the author is at the edge of madness too, washing birches’ bark with the power-washer… I like this blog because posts are well written and the garden is always so green and relaxing, it amuses me following the differences between the scottish climate and the italian one. This blog is rich of bog-gardening tips.

Donna is an american gardener and her blog is about her plants, the vegetable garden, the surrounding wildlife and quite often some interesting musings on life and ethic.

Liz is a very talented British photographer with a soft spot for wildlife in her garden and the surroundings. I especially enjoy her stunning macros and her trips to parks and gardens of England and I try to support her when she struggles with the heavy clay of her nice garden.

Pauline has this amazing english garden that makes me feel the nostalgia for England every time I look at these beautiful pictures. I like the blog because she describes a lush garden in a very modest and delicate way, the blog contains a lot of inspirational pictures and precious informations on plants, plans and wildlife.

Scott has a suburban pretty small garden packed with grasses and perennials. The garden scheme is very well architected and complex though, volume, colour and texture are set in perfect harmony and every picture is a ‘Wow!’. I enjoy this blog because he is as passionate as me of the same plants and garden style, even though we live in the opposite corners of the World and it’s fun to find out new plants to add to the wish-list.

This blog is the transcription of a garden related crime novel co-written by LinnieW from ‘Women who run with delphinium’ and Kininvie from ‘Gardening at the edge’ using the terse, contracted  form of Twitter. Sometimes anachronistic, sometimes funny, sometimes surreal, always well written and brilliant, have a look!

Linnie is a gardener and a writer from Oregon, USA. Well maybe she’s more a writer than a gardener but who cares? Taking clematis cuttings could be very adventurous, wrapping a clementine tree for winter could become a Christmas decoration and you can discover that even broccoli have a dark side… I like this blog because of its serious garden humor and because of Max, Linnie’s white Terrier.


8 thoughts on “Recommended Blogs

  1. Thnkas for including me and my garden Alberto, I’m honoured to be in such good company. I will enjoy looking at the others, some of which are new to me so thank you for that too. Christina

  2. I’ve tried to choose the pictures that I reckon more representative of your garden/blog/style if you don’t like the banner just let me know I can easily change it.

  3. Alberto, I have only just found your lovely recommendation, better late than never, thank you so much, and in such wonderful company too!! I will now explore the couple that I don’t already know.

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