God Save the Copper Queen (and my dog!)

Narcissus Copper Queen

Narcissus Copper Queen

This queen had me waiting for quite a long time now and finally decided to open her beautiful flowers under the rain. As I’ve already wrote in a previous post, when I placed my spring bulb order I mainly chose amongst the cheapest varieties. I had no narcissus in this new garden and as it is rather large I needed a big quantity. Copper Queen is the one I’ve spent more for but I really fell in love with it!

Narcissus Copper Queen

Narcissus Copper Queen

It grows amongst euphorbia lathyris (which self-sows almost everywhere in the garden), this narcissus is rather tall, nicely scented and with this intense copper shade on it. It is eventually a late bloomer and this is a shame as a long drought spell just ended and now it’s been raining since Easter. Good for my roses and the garden though. I hope God will spare some of these beautiful flowers for a sunny day to take a good pic but apparently He/She doesn’t bother about my little queens.

Anyway God already helped us a lot lately: Mina was diagnosed breast cancer last tuesday, I realized she had a small knot under the skin near one of her nipples (now: I am talking very seriously, so I don’t need any of you questioning on why I was touching Mina’s nipples!) on top of that she injured one of her eyes the day before Easter, apparently it was just a light scratch on the pupil, so we decided to get her to the vet asap. He said we don’t need to bother about the eye and ordered some drops but he needed to remove as soon as possible all the nipple and part of the flesh around. Saturday she had the surgery, all went very well, the cancer was still small even though it grew very quickly. Yesterday morning she was running in the garden with her rubber ball already. I’m glad everything went well and hope this is the first and last time we had to deal with this terrible thing. Now Mina promised me she gives up smoking.

Rudy always stood close to her, even though he was a little jealous of all the attentions we had for Mina.

Well this was the biggest disgrace we experienced last week, although it wasn’t the only: I had my parents over since thursday. They came along with one of my dad’s cousins and their two dogs: Pepe (Rudy’s dad/Mina’s ex husband) and Book (Rudy’s brother/Mina’s son). The house was crowded with yelling people, food, chairs, beds and dogs. I nearly got insane! They came for a really good reason though: I had all the wooden flooring done by my dad and his cousin (Mum was there to provide them with 24h food and coffee), so now the first floor main and guest bedrooms are done and the corridor as well. They missed the other room but they promised (menaced) to come back soon and finish the job. Last time I’ve heard these words they left me with half the shutters to mount and they’re still there (the shutters). Well I can’t complain, they work for free.

the main bedroom

the main bedroom

Meanwhile I’ve been doing the night shift to have the walls painted on time but I didn’t make it. I still need to finish the ceilings and to give the second hand coat of paint. The floors look rather good though. I finished the little bathroom upstairs by the way, which looks good too. Soon we’re going to take hold of the whole house again.

The upstairs bathroom (the loo is on the right if you need it)

The upstairs bathroom (the loo is on the right if you need it)

But I was talking about narcissus again here… So I’d like to show you other two rather late bloomers:

Narcissus Hillstar with white muscari botryoides album

Narcissus Hillstar with white muscari botryoides album

N. Hillstar has this white shade at the base of the crown, otherwise it’s completely lemon yellow, I think it’s brilliant near those white muscaris, I planted them nearly randomly, to be honest.

Narcissus Bellsong

Narcissus Bellsong

N. Bellsong has a nearly pink crown and an overall ghostly consistence but maybe it’s because it’s been under endless rain for more than a week now… I like it though.


26 thoughts on “God Save the Copper Queen (and my dog!)

  1. Good choice on ‘Hillstar’ and ‘Bellsong’, they are both lovely. I grew ‘Toto’ this year and can recommend highly.

    • Hi Barry and welcome! Thanks for your comment. My ‘daff dealer’ hasn’t got Toto in its catalogue but it looks rather similar to Sailboat, at least on the pictures I’ve found. Very nice I like it!

  2. well done for your quick action with Mina, I hope all goes well for her. Your Narcisus are wonderful, I’m envious as they really don’t grow for me here. By the way in English we say second coat of paint not second hand; just another quaint English expression. Your house looks fabulous by the way. Christina

    • Hahaha ‘quaint English expression’! I changed the post, so I can remember it for the next time, I hope. We say ‘second hand of paint’ even though I was nearly sure it wasn’t the right expression: this is rather quaint too! Thanks for teaching me something I didn’t know, I really appreciate that.
      As for Mina let’s keep the paws crossed! She recovered so quickly I don’t think she’s having other issues in the future.

  3. You’re having more rain than I, Alberto, which makes me jealous. Just as well that you were feeling your dog’s nipples, eh? But I would suggest you stop now. Tell me again please, where’s the loo? Dave

    • I don’t think I am supposed to stop now that the vet told me ‘bravo!’ to keep an eye on Mina’s tits! I feel allowed.
      The loo is on the right, the right is the hand you use to hit your forehead and say ‘d’oh!’ in a Simpson way.

  4. What a beautiful colour “Copper Queen” is, very aptly named. So glad to hear that Mina has recovered from her operation so quickly and that the prognosis is good, must have been a very worrying time for you.

  5. Hi Alberto,

    Beautiful blooms; and of course their numbers will increase for free over the coming years 🙂

    Glad to hear Mina is ok after her surgery; I think it’s fairly common for many mammals to develop mammary tumours to be honest… I had a little Hamster who did too, but thankfully none of my gerbils ever have.

    • You own gerbils? Phew! Now that I know I can stop worrying that people would think things about me because I touch my dog’s nipples… You have gerbils…. 🙂

      • Lol, yes indeed I do own Gerbils 🙂
        Although I don’t make a habit or touching their nipples as you do your dog’s lol. 😛
        Also they’re not much smaller than your dogs I believe! Did you see in the news about the world’s smallest dog? 2.5 inches tall. Seriously, now that IS a gerbil!

  6. Dear Alberto
    Well done getting Mina to the vet– (I will not participate in the discussion of dog examination propriety I think.) She looks wonderful in the photos. I think you’re right and
    she is all well.

    You should have made a movie of the working family visit, it sounds very entertaining and would be fun to title–maybe Nail, Paint, Swear? Tell your mum I need her to come cook for my overnight guests too, such a deal. But the floors look fabulous and I will assume you have the missing “loo” in that beautiful bathroom because I know you would never be less than truthful with me and besides where else would it be?

    Your bulbs all did well but really I like the Bellsong peach color best in this post although the Hillstar is very cool with the white mixed in.

    • I have plenty of sarde in saor leftover if you want. I could send some over to you! Tillie will love them! Mum is afraid of flying but she can teach you how to make sarde in saor.
      As for the loo I didn’t post any pics because there’s also a bidet behind it and I really didn’t mean to open a topic about who wash his bum where and when.

      • Well I looked up your mom’s cooking and it translates to sweet and sour sardines. Must say I have never tried it. You grow rhubarb and I’ll make sarde in saor though!

        So glad you mentioned the bidet. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.

  7. Oh, I love Bellsong! And your Copper Queen is quite the pretty lady, too. So glad that Mina is recovering and that you got her to the vet in time for the surgery to be successful. I hope she doesn’t get anything like that again. Your floors are just beautiful. I love dark wood. And your bathroom looks nice, too. I only do indoor projects in the winter – spring, summer and autumn I’m in the garden! But if you have help, it’s best to take it when they’re ready! 🙂

    • To be honest I started the renovation job in late autumn… 2 years ago! And we’re still working on it. This wasn’t definitely something you can get over winter. I’d do the same for little jobs in the house though but actually I hope the house won’t need anything new for long long time now!

  8. Hi Alberto, keep your eye on Mina and stopping the fags is a good idea. Fabulous narcissus in your garden, I am on the lookout for one that is happy in a shady spot. Loved your second hand paint comment. Meaning here is goods (like clothing) which once belonged to someone else.

    • Well here as well second hand stuff means ‘used by someone else before’ but talking paint we also say second hand for second coat. Maybe I should have said second hand coat paint. Mina thinks that smoking gives her a certain allure, she uses a cigarette holder, you know…

  9. Hello Alberto; Hope Mina stays well….when you lose a dog, it’s about as bad as losing a human, so you have my best wishes. Since I am a logical person, I find it confusing to shift between daffodils and unseen lavatories in the same post. Can you do something about this?

    • I’m afraid I can’t. You should enter for a few in my head: now that’s real confusion! Even though I prefer calling it ‘multitasking’! 🙂
      You are quite right I love my dogs so much I could not imagine loosing them, indeed I’ve been very worried lately.

  10. Poor little Mina! I’m glad she’s doing well…that can be so very scary. Love the Narcissus, ‘Copper Queen’ is such a great name too. I feel your pain on the renovations…although yours seem even more extensive than ours have been.

    • At the beginning we didn’t expect the renovations could become so extensive and expensive and tiring but hey, they could. It seems we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though, so I feel relieved. You know what? We spent so many time working in the garden, leaving the jobs inside apart, it’s partly our fault if it took so long!
      I like the name of copper queen too! 🙂

  11. It was so dry in March my Narcissus only lasted a few days, it’s nice and rainy for the tulips – did you order any tulips?

    • Hi Sabina! It’s nice to have you back here! 🙂
      The narcissus I’ve planted flowered in different flushes so I’m quite pleased with them. I bought some tulips along with the other bulbs. I had t. turkestanica, t. bakerii lilac wonder, t. Shogun. All of them are species or first cross. You can see them on my previous post.

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